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Spending a lot of time at sea and sailing boats becomes very difficult to exist in the city without the sound of the waves and the singing of the sails.

The project started in the summer of 2019 on a small boat is already difficult to stop.

When I am unable to observe the sea from the window, I create it in my dreams, transfer it to paper and it becomes a little closer.

This project threatens to grow into a very large-scale one, because the sea is infinitely beautiful and diverse in its manifestations, there are infinitely many beautiful ships and lighthouses, as well as people whose lives are forever connected with the sea.

I want to tell you about it, as I can.  Hope that the salt spray, the cries of seagulls and the secrets of the deep sea will become a little closer to you through these works. Moreover, some of them were create with sea salt water, because fresh water on board always needs to be saved.


A project dedicated to the world of water and its inhabitants. This is an attempt to convey the beauty, diversity and harmony of the underwater world, the world of silence and smooth movements, the world of purity and amazing colors.

This is a world of depth that can frighten and fascinate, give rise to legends and beckon with the unknown. Legends and poems have been composed about it for centuries, inhabited by deities and ghosts. 

It can be loved or feared, but it must always be treated with respect and care. 


All works were created during a trip to Provence in the autumn of 2018 with the Gallery of Modern Art "Kvartiva S"  as part of the VI Russian-French art project “Art de vivre” in the south of France.

A little more than two weeks of incessant impressions of the art of living in French with full immersion in all the pleasures of life in this beautiful region. If you talk about the subject of this project with the residents of Provence themselves, then, o-la-la, the conversation just goes into a leisurely lunch with a tasting of local drinks and talking about this and that. And this will be one of the illustrations on the theme of this very art of living in the understanding of the French.
It has many components and each has its own details, but the general idea is to enjoy life in its daily manifestations, the absence of haste and fuss, communication and simple values.
In this collection of watercolors from a trip, my observations and an attempt to understand Art de Vivre Provence.


Another Planet  project is totally inspired by my summer 2016 travel across amazing Iceland.

The almost three-month experience gave me incredibly bright and diverse impressions surpassing any expectations by far.

They are still alive, still lasting and echo in my dreams and everyday life with colors and shades I remember,

recognize and seek out in the sky, in weather and nature.

However, those are a pale and simplistic glow of the images and sensations that overflow you while in Iceland.  

My desire is to share all I have seen, to tell my personal story and moreover to gradually and scrupulously revive those days in my memory by artistic means. I wish to touch the paper with a paintbrush, restoring all and every subtle nuance of that faraway piece of land, so unusual for our sight.

While in megapolis I find myself thinking that I have been to another planet which perhaps is a most accurate definition of what Iceland is!

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